Princeton New Jersey Wedding Photographer Nan Doud

Life is beautiful and worth preserving. 

Photography, while a technical capturing of light, for me also subtly captures the nuances that gracefully interact with the human form but also the lights of joy, love and wonder that make all the shadows in life worth it. I've been shooting portraits and weddings professionally since 2011.

Stuff about me...

  • I laugh a lot. Sometimes loudly.
  • I make sudden movements like randomly jumping out of a bus and running across Times Square in order to not miss sunset Bride and Groom portraits. (Yes, this really happened.)
  • I love adventures. But I also love my cozy bed.
  • I don't love seafood.
  • I have a husband, four sons, a wiener dog and two cats. All of these creatures are male. This means I'm QUEEN of the EVERYTHING!!

You probably want to know more, right?

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