Princeton New Jersey Wedding Photographer Nan Doud

Life is beautiful and worth preserving. 

Photography is a technical capturing of light. As a photographer I can't help but search for the light. When I'm caught up in the beauty I sometimes exclaim, "The light!!" And it's all I can do to contain myself. Life, like morning and evening, is full of light and shadows. Photography for me powerfully captures these nuances that gracefully interact with the human form but also the lights of joy, love and wonder that make all the shadows in life worth it. I've been shooting portraits and weddings professionally since 2011.

Things I like...

  • My husband of 19 years and our 4 boys
  • Morning coffee. (Sweet & Creamy, please!)
  • The perfect dress
  • Writing poetry & reading good books
  • A hearty discussion over a meal
  • Laughing out loud
  • My church family
  • Thought provoking art & good music

You probably want to know more, right?

Contact me to get the conversation started.  

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