Do you include a disc of images? 

No, I don't. Here's why.

When asked what they have done with the disc of images they got from their wedding however long ago, roughly 90% of couples will respond somewhat sheepishly, "Nothing.... but we still plan to have an album made! Really!" You see, after about a year or so, it's really unlikely you are ever going to finally have that album made. That is one of the reasons I feel it's so important to include at least one piece of photographic art in every one of my wedding packages. While my most popular wedding packages do include a digital collection of some sort, whether low-res web-sharing sized or high-res print ready, I am committed to getting your images in print because those are the memories that will become part of the fabric of your daily lives. 

I have never heard of digital files being cherished in the way that the printed images are, though I do my best to maintain a thorough local and cloud-based backup system should the need ever arise to replace or augment a portrait collection. But I can tell you the exact value that virtually everyone places on the portraits they have hanging in their home and their precious family albums: Priceless. Not only does that fact remind me how important my work is, it reminds me that these are truly worthy investments. Not many other things in the world fall into the priceless category.

Many photographers will be happy to hand over a disc of images, not worrying that these images, if taken to print at all, are unlikely to be printed at a quality that befits professionally captured images. Because I oversee the production process of my images, never allowing large portraits to be printed at labs other than my own tested and true labs, I can ensure the quality and clarity of each finished product. This quality assurance would be impossible to give if I were to relinquish the final production of these images to any third party consumer lab. My clients deserve better than the most often disappointing results that come from consumer labs such as Walgreens or Shutterfly which is why I spend my time and effort not only on creating beautiful images in camera but right on through to true completion, delivering fine art portraits and products that will endure and be enjoyed for generations. 

For portrait sessions individual high-res digital files are available for purchase and printable up to 8x12 but because consumer lab output varies so widely in quality, I offer no guarantee on print results from purchased files.